Key advantages

Investors and business leaders generally weight in all the arguments, all the pro’s and the contra’s when choosing to expand their business in a region or other. They are aware of facing a decision with long-term impact, as the necessary drive to engage in a relocation project with all the costs and hurdles involved arises rarely in the lifespan of a company.
Therefore the drive to find a location fulfilling both the short and long term objectives of the business. Should be a place with the right cultural fit, making it easier to implement the company’s working-culture, while still presenting competitive advantages years later.
Romania in general is attractive for investments and will remain so for years to come. We would like to draw your attention on a particular region, with distinct features and opportunities to offer. Let us shortly outline, why we think Szeklerland in the heart of Romania is the right place for investments.

The macro-economic development of the Eastern regions of the European Union doubled by the relative political inaction of the local and regional administration in Szeklerland and their inability to channel some of the industrial investment in-flow the region have created the rare synergy: while benefiting of the improved economic, legal framework to the same extent as any other region of Romania, Szeklerland still has more to offer compared to other regions. Let us explain why.
At the end of 2015 Szeklerland finds itself in a stage of development bellow the Romanian average. This is mainly due to the lack of recent industrial investments; Szeklerland was unable to capitalize on the re-industrialization wave of the last 2 decades. Most of its industry is based at one hand on the break-up and privatization of the large communist state industry planted in the region from the 60’s through the 80’s, on the other hand on the still running “contract manufacturing” type of early bird foreign investments of the 90’s, mainly active in the textile industry.
As well as the above statement might represent a problem for the region it can equally represent a unique opportunity for potential investors:

Availability of skilled labor, inhabitants with industrial culture:
Industrial infrastructure
Szeklerland is the geographical center of Romania

In case we succeeded to spark your interest for our region, you will find more detailed information within this presentation site, including contact to service providers ready and able to support you.